Chemical Logistics Management

Supply Chain Solutions

NRS offers our +70 years’ experience, chemical handling know how and global regulatory relations to manage our clients complete supply chain and product flows from production to delivery. Whether using NRS Group supplied services or 3rd party services, NRS offers optimized operational processes to improve performance and operational efficiencies which result in cost savings and transparency throughout the supply chain. We also offer customized supply chains to suit specific chemical requirements as well as our client’s needs.

Examples of some of CSCM 4PL projects:

  • Bulk tanker import and clearance
  • Tank terminal inventory management
  • Product Inventory Control
  • Dispatching & Delivery
  • Product Inspection Management

Asset Management

Whether using NRS packages or 3rd party packaging (drums, tanks, cylinder etc.), NRS can offer fleet management services of your equipment leaving our clients to focus on their core competencies.

Rail Tank Car, ISO Portable Tanks, Chassis, MEGC, Cylinders, Totes.

  • PM (Preventive Maintenance) Services
  • Transport
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Recertification Program
  • Return Package Program