About Us

A Leader in Chemical Logistics

NRS provides chemical and gas logistic services to companies seeking safe and reliable handling of their international supply chain needs. Founded in 1946 offering railroad tank cars dedicated to the petrochemical industry, over the next 74 years we have undergone an organic growth along the supply chain services vertical, offering packaging, liquid and dry storage/warehousing as well as domestic and international distribution. This portfolio of services allows us to offer end to end services dedicated to the chemical industry.

For over 70 years NRS has been a leader in providing transport, storage & distribution, and asset leasing for the chemical and industrial markets. We currently employee approximately 1000 staff worldwide and operate in more than 100 countries. Through our NRS GROUP companies we can offer a global single source supplier to our clients.

Together, we remain committed to safety, regulatory compliance, social and environmental responsibility, service, and reliability.


Corporate Philosophy

Safe, Reliable, and Efficient Handling of Chemicals

Logistics is an essential role used to connect suppliers with consumers and plays a fundamental role of industry. Chemicals is one of the largest and most important industries worldwide with products used in many different sectors, including Life Sciences, Agriculture, Automotive, Housing, Energy, Semiconductor, and many others. Some of these Chemicals can carry a hazardous risk such as “Flammable”, “Explosive” or “Toxic”.

The NRS GROUP mission is to be a safe, reliable, and ethical logistics provider servicing the chemical sector. Through regulatory knowledge and handling know how, we face all challenges to meet our client’s needs and protect our environment. By delivering outstanding value, exceptional service, and quality, we strive to be a vital part of our customer’s supply chain.


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